• I love Macon for its 

  • I love Macon for its beauty in the details like the Hay House stairwell to the cupola that takes you to see the best views of our great city.

    • Sanye302

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  • R.A.R.

    I love Macon because regardless of all of the negative issues supported by the media, there are still good people and safe, family friendly events to attend.

    • Jerry Sanchez

      Haaayyy!!! I used to be a Macon Cop!

  • Patrice Johnson

    I love Macon because there is so much going on downtown.  We just saw the “Rock of Ages” last night at the Grand, and it was fantastic!

  • JasonEDowneyLaw

    I love Macon because we have so much promise here in the people. We can all work together and make this THE place people want to be in Georgia.

  • Tamika Burnett

    I love my church! St. John Baptist Church on the corner of Key St. & Anthony Road. I also love the fact that a change is taking place in Macon. From City Hall to the Public Education System. I also love the fact that there is a group coming together to share and spread the good things about Macon for us who haven’t been here that long. This gives us a reason to stay and build up our community so that we can make our place of residence just as good or even better than the cities we go to to get away from Macon! Thank you “I Love Macon” campaign organizers! Let me know if there is any way I can help you all!

  • Anonymous

    Macon has incredible potential with its people, music, architecture, churches and ideal location in GA.  If people would just agree to disagree on certain issues without spiraling into inaction and deal with each other with respect and dignity, there is a wealth of opportunity ahead for Macon.  Change is a good thing and it can be done with a great appreciation of the past.

    • Lacey Templeton

      What old book sale? Please elaborate!

  • Anonymous

    Macon is at heart a southern conservative town with deep historical roots. Yet it is willing to accept the eccentric tastes of the more progressive minded. This is shown by the variety of restaurants, art exhibitions, coffee shops, and other business that have opened in the past few years. What’s amazing is you can walk into any of these places and see an old friend,  a fellow from church, or a young student; all at the same Place!  The people who love Macon are able to come from various backgrounds and bond in their perpetual effort to push for a better city.

  • Mike

    I love Macon because where I live people still wave at you when you drive down the street.  We also have great colleges.

  • ElizabethJMcGee

    I am so proud of this campaign and its contributors, both those who created it as well as everyone who signs the pledge. What a great way to come together as a community in support of our city. I love Macon not only because it was a great place to grow up, but it has such rich cultural roots and history and an amazing downtown. The structure of downtown with its green boulevards and the beautiful architecture throughout is such a gem. There is so much potential for our town. I am so proud of all of those who have really made a huge impact on the life of downtown over the past few years, and I am excited to see the passion and progress continue into the future!

  • Jodi Palmer

    I love Macon because there is always something to do and always a good friend to do it with. I can walk downtown and feel safe, not pay to park, eat at wonderful restaurants, hear great music and see good theater. I love Macon because life is truly good in Macon, Ga.

  • Pipkinj1942

    Although I live in Monroe County now I was raised in Macon. Live there most of my life and got married and we moved here. I am now a widow and hate it ,but still love Macon. Thats where I was born and now I am 69yrs old and which is too old to move back..

  • Mammrm77

    I love Macon for its charm and beauty, its people and weather and because of the significant role it has played in shaping my life.

  • Pipkinj1942

    I love Macon for its beauty and spring flowers, cherry trees are so beautiful, tulips are also so pretty.

  • Spirit of Macon – A book by John Mahoney

    I would like a part of sales from my book Spirit of Macon to assist this campaign and loving support. Please go to http://www.spiritofmacon.com and use the contact us tab to let me know how to support Macon. I would even like to show support of this town with a fund raising event featuring the hood from the car that over 10,000 American’s signed with prayers in black permanent marker and support for GOD and Macon, GA. 

    From this small point on the map called Macon, GA started a grass roots campaign that went throughout this great land of ours. Blessings, John Mahoney

  • Moira

    I grew up downtown, moved away for over ten years and am now living here again.  I love downtown Macon!!  It is a true community.  Everywhere I go, I see someone I know.  I can walk everywhere – the library, restaurants, post office, stores, venues and more!  If we had a grocery store downtown I would be set!  I love being a part of this community of wonderful people.  It gives me a sense of belonging and peace that I have never known anywhere else.  


  • This is a wonderful idea….my hat is off to this effort.  Macon is a wonderful place to love, live, and work.

  • JYerby

    Macon has great history and great potential. I love the great colleges and universities in the city. There are so many bright people with good intentions and extraordinary abilities. The music scene in Macon provides a wide variety of night-life options. Macon has great places to shop, eat, relax in green spaces, and be entertained in one of the multiple theaters or museums. Law enforcement is more helpful than harassing. Lastly, traffic is hardly ever a problem.

  • Wtdesign

    Macon offers something for everyone – young and old! Macon’s rich history is reflected in the stately architecture that surrounds us everyday. Macon music, past and present remains fabulous. Thank you to those that organized this campaign! It is wonderful to live and work in Macon.

  • Laura Hefner Wanamaker

    There are so many wonderful things about my hometown! I love its history, the beautiful trees and flowers, Wesleyan College, Mercer University, the museums….I could go on and on. I also love the fact that Macon has much better shopping and dining than most people realize. Having lived away from Macon for 12 years, I can honestly say that there’s no place like home (and I chose to return here to raise my child)!

  • Lorahawk

    Macon’s beauty exists not because of where it is, but who it is.  From its rich music and arts culture to the kindness of its citizens, the lazy walk down Cherry Street to the speed on 475, church bells that ring and spires that stand tall and firm, people who wish to know your people and why you’re here, not to differentiate themselves, but to ingratiate themselves to you.  Macon is a good conversation had over coffee at Jeneane’s, a beer and fried pickles at the Rookery, a girls’ night at The Shamrock, or late night jams at The Bird.  It is the epitome of Southern Gothic with its stately historic architecture combined with the passionate debates in the chambers of City Hall and vivid articles on the pages to be turned within the 11th Hour.  It is not where i live, but where I choose to visit.  It is a jewel in the crown of Georgia for its willingness to be progressive like other larger towns, but never lose its sense of self and good graces like smaller towns.  You can be greeted there on the street, and known by name in a short while.  For all of these reasons and so many, many more….I love Macon.

  • Kasey Darley

    I love Macon because of the huge sense of community that it has. We recognize our strengths, note our weaknesses, and truly believe that we can and will change Macon for the better.

  • Mary Bowman

    Born and raised here – and with my family and wonderful friends around me, I am happy to still call Macon my home!  It’s an eclectic litttle town with a big heart and an unforgetable personality.

  • Katy Olmsted

    “I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out;

    and then I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in.”

    ~ Virginia Woolf ~

  • Meryl P

    I love that a young group of residents is putting their heart and soul into promoting our community. I love that the folks at my favorite pizza shop, DiGiorgios,know me by name and know my order by heart. I love supporting the community by having  cherry blossoms painted on my vehicle in anticipation of the Cherry Blossom Festival. I love that my children have a place to go to learn West African Dance. I love that Pilar Wilder asked me to sign this pledge and make me think about what I love about Macon.

  • Melissa

    I love Macon because of the rich history and the always-fun Cherry Blossom Festival! I have amazing memories of my 4 years living in Macon, especially Ocmulgee National Monument where my dad worked. The Indian Festival and Lantern Light Tours (used to be Torch Light Tours) are fond, happy memories. Cherry blossoms and magnolia trees will always be my favorite trees because of MACON!

  • Jawilbanks11

    Macon is the bomb diggity. We live in a beautiful place with lots to offer and people are crazy not to see that. And if they can’t see that…we have Nu Way. Boom. 

  • I love Macon because it feels like home. I couldn’t imagine feeling this way when I arrived for school seven short years ago, and now I can’t imagine anywhere else feeling like home. From amazing architecture, unique shopping, and fun dining experiences to two of the most beautiful college campuses in America, Macon has so much to offer.

  • Whitney DePalma

    I love Macon because of groups like this trying to help Macon show its full potential of the wonderful city it is, and can become!

  • Anonymous
  • VThomas

    I love Macon because I have so many wonderful memories there.  It is my hometown and always will be!

  • Anonymous

    Love this town.

  • Wingate by Wyndham Macon

    The Wingate by Wyndham loves Macon! We are proud to call this city home for over 13 years. We’re reminded every day what a great place this is to live when refering guests to our favorite places and events around town. Macon’s southern charm and many attractions make it a fun travel destination and wonderful place to call home

  • MyIdeas YourOpinion

    Macon is a big city with small town heart. I love that about Macon!

  • Sarah Woods

    I love Macon because even though I may never live there again, it’ll always be my home.

    • MysteryGuy129

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  • J Woods

    Because that’s where I went to college and I’d love to see it tattooed on Josh Rogers body.

  • Michael Kruger

    I just love Macon… It’s home.

  • Love it!

  • Jerome Gratigny

    Macon is a place with a lot of potential.  I hope that these potentials are realized and that Macon becomes the city it could!  It can be one of the best places in America to live.  I like the way that Macon is changing and evolving. Keep the momentum alive.

  • I’ve never felt so completely appeased as I did wandering the intricate brick or bland concrete sidewalks and streets of a southern bell silenced by time, disparaged and unkempt with such cavalier. The air as stale and stagnant as the city itself.  Otis and Little Dick grew up and gave it its name. The Allman brothers made it a sibling, not yet abused by time. The classic music became music of the old, the city aged. Handsomely decrepit. Storefronts of the past remain just that, yet to be reupholstered by the name brands of a revolving world. Historic is usually in its tag line, though historic usually implies that it has evolved and kept faith in it’s past. This jewel shines only because it has a past. It’s difficult to describe something when you’re overjoyed by it, there’s nothing to complain about and that is primarily the focus of things when described. Content was I, headphones spewing indie folk into my eardrums, as I floated around the city, strolling downtown to work and back up to school afterwards. I didn’t understand those who chose to be consumed by campus events, I chose to spend my time in the depths of the city, not spend my time discussing the city around us. All I had to do was wander the streets with just my talent of observing, that was it for me. Once that window was open, and I had a friend who needed only the same we learned the city streets like the backs of our hand. The sidewalk cracks were my maps, and I took different routes to my job every day just to fill them in. The Soul of the South, the Heart of Georgia. 

  • Stacey

    i love macon because i love the people, the music, the diversity. downtown is a village. the feel you get when you’re walking around looking at all the history, where we’ve been and where macon is going, it’s beautiful.

  • It’s large enough that you feel like you live in a city yet small enough that you can walk down the street and see people you know. I love the cherry blossoms, the churches, the history and the sense of community. And, of course, Nu-Way hot dogs and the old book sale. Sometimes people who visit here appreciate many of the qualities we tend to overlook. 

    • I agree; visitors probably see a tree-lined town that is charming and full of beauty. We often see our scars and ours warts. Good point!

  • Carly Souther

    i love macon because i spent an amazing four years at Mercer U; countless hours at the Dog Park; infinite nights drinking at the Rookery & the Bird; ran thousands of miles around the Indian Mounds, the River Trail, and Rose Hill; floated the river & jumped off the rope swing April through August; lived in an amazing renovated factory down town– Broadway Lofts; and i could keep going and going.

  • Cele Lister

    I love Macon! It is my home and I am proud of her accomplishments. Macon is rich in heritage. The historical buildings downtown and throughout our city can attest to that. The great majority of the people here show much love to their fellow community members. It was the home of Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, and so many other great talents. 

  • Djhattaway

    I salute Ed Grisamore who asked for a “pinkie promise” today in his Sunday column.  Macon, let’s join together and promise to live together and work together to make Macon the best and most desirable place to live in the South!  Everywhere I go, I run into people who have a connection with Macon and speak fondly of their memories of Macon.  Let’s keep the “Cherry Blossom” fever and continue to extend the hand of friendship to all who visit our city.  There is so much more to cleanup, develop and discover in our city.  In the past, there have been those who have worked and tried to do all they could to revitalize Macon.  After a while, they become weary and drop by the wayside. Then others come along.  Let’s ALL jump in at the same time and get Macon in tip-top shape so we can be the best we can be!  Macon….a great place to live, work and play!

  • KL Pfirman (Tanner)

    I love Macon because I grew up there and my parents had the good sense to send me to Mount DeSales.  My high school classmates are very dear to me and my family lives in Macon.  I love the pool at Willow Creek in the summer, my mom’s cooking anytime, discussing the Bulldogs football prospects with my dad and ice cold adult beverages on the porch of 471. 

  • SS

    I no longer live in Macon and I doubt I’ll ever live in Georgia, but it’ll always be my home. I love Maconga!

  • Tabercrombie

    What I do love about Macon is the Cherry Blossom Festival, Sports Hall of Fame, Mitzi Trolley, Rose Hill Cemetary, the Riverwalk, Indian Mounds, Mercer University and Wesleyan College, and many other sites where nature and history are appreciated and protected. Sure, tourism is great, but what needs to happen is that more Maconites take an interest and actively support these resources for them to prosper and be celebrated by future generations. 

  • Christy Dinkins

    I will forever love Macon! I grew up in Macon, left for college and came back and am now working in Macon. I love the downtown scene. I spend lots of time at music festivals, events hosted by the Tubman Museum, Centreplex, Macon City Auditorium and The Grand Opera House. Wonderful place for a young professional to have a nice, comfortable job and enjoy the weekends indulging in the culture and artistic side of Macon.

  • Anonymous

    I love Macon because of its history, its people and its spirit. I love it because of H&H Restaurant. I love it because of the view from the top of Coleman Hill. I love it for Vineville. I love it because of its music. I love it because of College Hill and Mercer. I love it because of Second Sunday. I love it because it’s my second home.

    Did I mention I love Macon?

  • PHarrison

    I have worked in downtown Macon for most of 19 years.  The old buildings are glorious and full of historical significance.  I challenge everyone to stop and look at the architecture of the businesses and homes in all of Macon.  I salute the many people and organizations that have invested alot of time and money into keeping and preserving her beauty.  It is a glorious town and the cherry blossoms are the icing on the cake!  Thank-you Ed Grisamore for challenging everyone to make a “pinkie promise”.  I would not have know about this site had it not been for the column.

  • BJ Dunwody

    I love Macon because I believe we possess some of the most amazing architectural treasures in the south and some of the most beautiful landscape in the world to surround it. This time of year is so invigorating and inspiring,I believe Macon is capable of becoming the southern mecca it once was if we can all band together for the greater good. Participate, stay aware of local offerings socially,spiritually, artistically, educationally, and ecologically and you will never have a dull moment in this town. Turn on the news, read the paper, listen to talk radio, enjoy your friends, sit by the river, take a tour, listen to local music, watch a film in the park, build a soapbox…LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!! Macon rocks and it’s time to quit whining and start smelling the Cherry blossoms!!Believe in Macon. A lot of people live and die for the betterment of this city and it is time to add some new members to that group. I love Macon and so should YOU!!!!

  • Cmayoung

    My family lovingly refers to Macon has “Maconga.” It’s somewhat become our home base though we may no longer live there. It’s where my family settled after leaving MN/WI, where my sister and I were born, where we grew up and really lived plus it’s home to my beloved Wesleyan College. I’m so very proud of all that has come from Macon, all that it stands for, and all things that will come from our great city!

  • My family lovingly refers to Macon has “Maconga.” It’s somewhat become
    our home base though we may no longer live there. It’s where my family
    settled after leaving MN/WI, where my sister and I were born, where we
    grew up and really lived plus it’s home to my beloved Wesleyan College.
    I’m so very proud of all that has come from Macon, all that it stands
    for, and all things that will come from our great city!

  • JStroud

    I love that fact that we have 5 amazing theatre’s.  The Grand, MLT, Theatre Macon, Cox Capitol, & The Douglas bring us amazing plays, Broadway hits, and music.  Macon is the place to live for Theatre lovers like me!  I also love the abundant history that we can tour and touch everyday here. 

  • Bob and Judy Braddy

    I was born and raised in Macon…..My family and I have traveled and lived in many other cities including some Historic
    Southern Cities, but we always knew we would ultimately return to our first love; our Hometown, Macon…


  • Country B

    I’m sick of having to drive to town to hang out with all the cool kids, so dang it I’m packing up and moving downtown this summer! I love the country but my town doesn’t have derby car races, First Friday’s, Second Sunday’s, fresh local produce on the street and of course a great variety of live music… so it’s really a no brainer! Glad to see the tight knit community and the support for all the local businesses. I am already impressed and proud of Macon but I have a feeling the best is yet to come for downtown!

  • Brittanyann1225

    I love macon because it has a LOT of unique history. It is slowly starting to come together as a fun place to live.

  • Ashley

    I love Macon because I will soon be calling it home. From the minute my husband and I arrived for his job interview, we were overwhelmed with the southern hospitality. We also took notice of how everyone greeted each other as if they were all old friends and neighbors. I am certainly looking forward to the new memories I will make with my new friends and neighbors of Macon.

  • Susan Milam

    I love the ARTS, I love the Cherry Blossom Trees, I love Mercer and Wesleyan, I love Vineville Baptist Church, I love Uptown Rotary.
    Susan Milam

  • wendy orellana

    i love macon because, is a beautiful it is a quiet town. it is a great place to raise our children. there is not alot of crime then in other bigger towns. i have reach  all my goals in this town, and this is why i always thank god for bringing me to this place.  this is why i love  you my beautiful town macon 🙂

  • Linda Maddox

    I have lived in Macon all of my life and I love MACON!  It’s a great place to live, work and party.

  • Thepinkpoodle

    I was born and raised in Macon. It has been very good to me and my family. If the negative people would just get on a bus and leave, I would be happy. This is my kind of town and it was, is and will be my town.

  • Anthony Horton

     I was born and raised in Macon and i just love the scenery  and  and places in Macon that i’ve grown up with and known all my life.

  • Andrea Turner

    I love Macon! It’s my home! I’m third generation. The people here are great! Local businesses are great! I couldn’t imagine not being here! Sure I love to travel but it’s always great to get back to Macon.

  • Susan Codone

    I love Macon because I can be anywhere in 10 minutes.

  • Trpas

    I too was born at the Macon Hospital, now the MCCG. Grew up in east Macon, went to elementary, Jr High and High School. Macon is home to me, I have lived in several states, but I have always came to this special place I call home. Macon is in my blood. I have tons of memories of my child and teenage years that I enjoyed here in Macon. I would be awesome to bring some of those treasured times back. Macon is special !!!!

  • Andrewfogal

    Iove the Old Macon architecture and that downtown is becoming a vibrant fun place. As soon as we realize as a city that our downtown is such a unique beautiful place then Macon will truly have a sparkle for all of Georgia to see. I love that Macon has such a rich history and scenery to go along with it. From the river to downtown to uptown I love the diversity that you can experience in this friendly town. I do enjoy Macon and look forward to sharing with my young family all the beauty this charming city has to offer.

  • Mary Stanford

    I love Macon because it is the new home of our young family! Full of history, adventure and fun! Who wouldn’t love Macon? 

  • there’s always something going on!

  • Walapace

    I moved away ten years ago and moved back 3 years ago.  I have loved the new and improved Macon since!  

  • I love that there are more people in Macon who actually CARE and want the best for all!  My second time around living in Macon… I love Macon!

  • arcflash68

    My family has been here since 1949. I have lived here since 1968 and still going strong……I have always loved the history in our beautiful city, especially the musical history…..No matter where i have lived in between, whether it be east coast or west coast, i always came home to Macon…..

  • I was appointed to serve Mulberry Street UMC in 2010. I love this community and all of the wonderfully unique things it offers. The food, culture, and arts in downtown Macon are amazing — plus it’s cool to know local business owners and artists. We hope to stay here for a long time!

  • Lgdg81

    I am a proud Maconite, and I want nothing but the best for all of us!

  • Scott Vaughan

    I have been all over this country and seen many beautiful and wondrous places,but, i have always come home to Macon. Know matter where I went, the people we’re not as friendly and warm as Maconites. And even though each place had interesting histories, there were none as ancient and as exciting as the the natural and musical histories of Macon,GA. I have always been proud to be a Maconite and I always will!

  • LSP

    I was born and raised in Macon; Macon made me the women that i am today; one who inspires, works hard, and stands up for what I believe in. I was always taught never forget your home, and even after being away at school for four years, I’ve realized that home truly is where the heart is! i LOVE MY CITY!

  • Dell

    I’m a proud Maconite!

  • vb

    macon will always be home sweet home – no matter where i go!   it’s where i grew up and went to school and made life long friends and memories – it’s where shakey’s pizza was and westgate mall/cinema too!   where else can you find a nu-way hot dog and malt!?  it’s full of history and full of people i love and have loved – my precious family is there  and that’s why it’s home!

  • Williambrewton

    I was born and raised in macon and love all the interesting history of our fine city

  • I love Macon! There are parts of the city that need work, but so does any other city in the entire US. Macon has a great art and music community that is growing every single day. Downtown Macon caters to the young crowd 18-35 with all the events and art galleries, concerts and new places to hang out! The historical district is beautiful. This town has so much potential and it cant make positive changes with people being so negative. Change your attitude people! Macon is great!

  • Theotistaylor

    I was Born here and raised here and i just came back to relax till my next job comes up

  • Lacey Templeton

    Macon is a wonderful community and a great representation of my lifelong idea of the South. I’m so thrilled to be here, to be a resident and plan on being a part of the whole.  

  • Kendrick Allen

    i was born and raised here i love macon

  • Grew up in Macon, moved away for 6 years, then came back! Love living here and I am so excited to see the things that are in store for this great place!

  • David

    I wasn’t born here, but I chose here. Rebecca and I moved back here to raise our children at the church where we met, FBCX.

  • Amber Jones

    iLove it Macon!!!! I living in the city where I grew up. I want to give back everything I can to this amazing city! 

  • Macon has such great potential and I love that we are moving forward and making progress to create a community that we can all be proud of!

  • Breanna

    I love Macon because I grew up here and I think the recent YES vote to consolidation is a perfect example of people coming together to move this community forward. I also love the fact that so many young people are involved in the community and are proud to call Macon home! I <3 Macon!

  • Julie Wilkerson

    I am proud to be a 4th generation Maconite and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! I love that my family lives here as well as old friends and lots of new friends! We have a caring community, which makes Macon a great place to live, work and play.


  • I love the history, the architecture, and the music. Macon has Rose Hill, The Hay House, Coleman Hill, St. Joseph’s, brick paved streets, Nu-Way chili dogs, Washington Park, and a hundred other things that make her a unique southern belle.

  • eddie


  • Michael Parks

    I have lived in the Macon area for 16 years and it has always had the feel of a large city with a small town atmosphere. I have enjoyed living here and the experience it has given me.

  • Justin Malcom

    As a 4th generation Maconite, I cannot think of a better place to raise my kids. The scenery is beautiful and there is so much history. The community is caring and I can’t think of a better place to live.

  • Kelly Bladh

    I love working in Macon it has wonderful opportunities and is filled with great business owners like Tony Layson

    • Tony

      thanks Kelly, Tony

  • Tony

    I love Macon for the rich music heritage.

  • Gma

    My grandson Brian lives here.

  • Deb

    The beautiful Cherry Trees!

  • Paul

    Even though I am from Texas, Macon sure feels like HOME! I LOVE the music heritage.

  • Terry

    Macon is a awesome place for sports, Football Friday Nights!

  • Jim

    Just moved to the area from Califonia, Macon is so friendly and beautiful.

  • Brian

    I have such wonderful friends and family that have supported me. Macon will always be home for me!!

  • Carrie

    I married my Macon sweetheart! Thank you Macon for your values and influence.

  • Tony

    Willingham High School!!

  • Bev

    I am a proud teacher at one of Macon’s finest school. Thanks to all my students!

  • GG

    My wonderful grandparents live in Macon. It is such a wonderful place to visit.

  • carm

    Love the music history!

  • Donna Smith

    I love Macon because of the beautiful historic homes and the opportunities for family entertainment/activities.

  • Hippie Chick

    I love Macon for it’s past and present music heritage. I also love the unique historic architecture.

  • Erin

    I love Macon because it provides a place for my friends and myself to escape to the “big city” while still maintaining a sense of hometown hospitality and fun!

  • Sydney

    I love Macon because of the Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • First off, Macon is home. Its central location of the mountains to the north and the ocean to the southeast make Macon a desirable location. It has a rich musical heritage and a heartbeat that can’t be found in many cities. Macon is the soul of the southeastern U.S.

  • Linda

    I was born and raised in Macon. Macon was a great place to live growing up…so much to do. Still have family in Macon so I am back quite often and it breaks my heart to see what has become of a lot of great old buildings, Miller High School for one. Also, there is far too much crime in Macon. One of my favorite places is Rose Hill Cemetery and a lot of the old antebellum homes. Still love Macon and always will.

  • Shaw Bullington

    Being from two major US cities, I could be surrounded by millions of peple however still be completely alone. That will never happen in Macon. You will always run into someone you know and I guarantee he or she will always stop, say hello and ask about your family (because they really care)!!! It drove me crazy when I first moved here, but now I love the fact that it’ll take me an hour just to pick up eggs at the store because I have to stop and chat!!! I LOVE MACON!!!
    Shaw Bullington

  • Ronnie Smith

    I love Macon’s rich music heritage.

  • Brett

    Now that i am in Washington, i have fond memeories of my friends back home.

  • Millie Smith

    I love Macon because of it is a great place to shop, eat, and listen to music!

  • S.Dupree

    Such rich musical heritage – I spent a lot of time in the early 70’s there – Grants Lounge was the place — Listened to a lot of great music there and at Central City Park

  • Ronald

    I just love riding throuh macon’s historic district.

  • Skye

    I love Macon because of the fun activities!

  • Ron

    Some of my fondest memories of the wonderful Music programs held at the Macon City Auditorium!

  • Tom

    Macon has some of the states finest locally owned restaurants. Check them out!

  • Macon will always have a special place in my heart! Thank you Charles Giles for bringing this to my attention.

  • Jessica

    Macon was the perfect place to grow up – Friday night football anywhere else just can’t compare!

  • Mary

    I went to college in Macon at Mercer and some of my best memories are during those years.

  • Mary Dee Beal

    I went to college there so some of my best memories and best friends are in and from Macon. Cherry Blossom Festival is great too!

  • Haley Dykes

    I love the healthcare provided by the Medical Center of Central Ga!

  • Caley C.

    I love Macon because of its hometown feel, its history, its emphasis on music, Women’s Specialty Care and Mercer University!!!

  • Alex Lowery

    I love the Indian Mounds!

  • jcrocker

    I love Macon and Mercer University!!

  • Mamie Dayan

    As a 7th generation Maconite, I am so excited and proud of this group. It truly warms my heart to see such a strong and committed group advocating for the town I love so dearly!

  • Jonathan Gentry

    I unfortunately don’t live in Macon any longer. But I was born there and have great memories of growing up around there. My favorite thing about Macon is the local history that only a Maconite really knows. The great places to eat, aka. Nu-Way. But I absolutely love the Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • I love Macon. I am 4th generation and am raising my 4 children here. Macon is a beautiful town with a full history. My family has been educated at 2 of the finest institutions for higher learning around: Mercer and Wesleyan. It’s time to get positive about this place and I commend you for helping spread that message. It’s home for me and my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way;)

  • Grace B.

    I love that Macon has such a rich history that has been preserved over the years. I love the beautiful and historical buildings. I love Mercer. But, most of all, I love the people of Macon!

  • I was born and raised all over this cozy city around a diverse community of people who have the common quality of Souhtern hospitality! I returned here after school to live in this very economical environment amongst my family and friends & to service the community that reared me. I love it here & hope to encourage as many young people to come back to their hometown and peruse their goals & aspirations in this community when possible. When our young ones consistently see better, they WILL do better!

  • Katie Harrell

    I have lived in Macon for 10 years now and truly love it! I love living downtown, am proud of our rich music history, and am so thankful for the wonderful friends and community that I am surrounded by daily.

  • A. Joi Jones

    I was born and raised all over this city by a very diverse group of people who had the common characteristic of hospitality no matter what side of town. I returned here after college to live most economically amongst my family and friends and to give back to the community that reared me. I love the city of Macon and it’s residents and aim to motivate the youth to do their very best academically while growing up here and return home be a mentor and keep the positive cycle going.

  • I love Macon because of the rich music history and the great friends I’ve met since moving here almost 26 years ago!

  • I was raised right here in the heart of Macon, Georgia and live and breathe this city! Growing up, I frequented the city bus system and rode down the city streets on my bike. Macon is, truly, a wonderful place with great potential for growth. People just need to give it a chance and invest their time and effort into their community! Together, we can achieve great things for this wonderful place!

  • Born and raised in Macon…..Macon is just the right size….has great shops, restaurants, etc……I LOVE MACON….it is my home and always will be…..

  • JZH

    Loving Macons growth ( malls, use of once vacant shopping centers etc..) keep up the growth all over Macon

  • George Fisher

    I love Macon because its taken me 936 attempts on all of my devices to finally be able to negotiate the website! I friggin LOVE my hometown despite some of the issues we have….

  • Guest

    Macon is a vibrant, loving community of people who are committed to bettering their city and watching it move forward. We love the local events like Bragg Jam and all the Cherry Blossom festivities. And you can’t forget all the great local restaurants! Macon is awesome and we are proud to call it home!

  • Macon is a vibrant, loving community of people who are committed to bettering their city and watching it move forward. We love the local events like Bragg Jam and all the Cherry Blossom festivities. And you can’t forget all the great local restaurants! Macon is wonderful and we are proud to call it home!

  • Danibo26

    I love the history in Macon, how this used to be the place to be. The old buildings, a city built all in the 1800’s . Queen Inland city of the South! I love to walk around the city and think of the grandeur that once was. I wish everyone could understand and appreciate this old place. 🙂

    • Jacob Leathers

      1960s wasn’t that good 🙁

      • John West


  • Cathy Robison

    I love Macon!!!

  • PGipson

    I love Macon because it was the city that brought forth my college education. Its a small town but throughout the 4 years I was in school, I slowly started to see progression and growth in the city with businesses. As a Mercer grad I enjoy coming back to visit and seeing improvements. This is awesome for the residents of Macon as well as the students in the area.

  • Renee Johnson

    My son goes to college in Macon. As a mother when you send your child away you want them to be happy where they will be spending at least the next 4 years or possibly longer. He loves Macon. He loves Mercer. As a Mom, if my child is happy, I am happy. It offers him big city accommodations with a small town feel.

  • Olivia

    i love Macon, because it has become my new home. Macon has rich history that many have no idea exists.

  • Frank Holmes

    I was born and raised in Macon, returned home to Macon from Vietnam, started my career in Macon,(with BSO). I have two children living there, and one grandson. With a Neise attending Mercer. I have friends living there, and My Grandparents are laid to rest in Macon. I have lots of reasons to love Macon. But mostly it is where I come home to as often as I can. Macon is worth loving, worth growing, and worth seeing over and over again. I am Frank Holmes, displaced Maconite.

    • CountriesNeedFreedom

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      • BellaBachelorAndMortimerGoth

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        • OurGreatForums3

          And who’s Bella Bachelor and Mortimer Goth anyways? I’m 40 and I don’t know this stuff :P.

  • Mary

    I do love Macon! My family and I have lived here since 2004, and Macon feels like “home” in every sense of the word. Our lives revolve around Mercer, St. Joseph’s School and Church, Mount de Sales, downtown, North Macon, and everything in between. With great gratitude for what we’ve experienced here in the past and excitement about what’s to come in the future…I love Macon!

  • Dawn Aldridge

    I love Macon!!

    • ILoveMacon

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  • lajuana

    Cherry Blossom capital of the World
    Home of Little Richard Otis Redding
    a southern community that yearns global

  • I love Macon! We’ve just moved here and are very excited that there is so much going on. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the many cultural and educational opportunities.

  • Peter Dowdy

    The city of Macon is a great city over all, there is just way too many bad people around making it seem Macon is a bad place. The people of the local government needs help, and all these shootings and stuff needs to stop! The City of Macon has always been a very good city, just recent past years things has got bad… I want to my part to help make a change!

  • April ann

    I work here. I have raised my kids here. We have so much potential!!!

  • Tammy Crutchfield

    I love the eclectic down home feel. I love that my roots, my family, my friends, and my calling are all in Macon.

    • Emily Houston

      Invite more! Welcome the household!

  • Lance Hardy

    I love the beautiful spring colors we have in macon Ga .

  • Should be the capital of the nation! Macon is situated in a great spot on the map. I love it here for a whole host of reasons. It’s a beautiful city. Macon and the surrounding sister cities have great potential to be the best!

  • may have signed before but I do love Macon. Love the people, the history and the music

  • With something like 1,000,000 square feet of unused space downtown, Macon has more potential than almost any small city in the Southeast! It’s time to focus on re-livening downtown, bringing more development that will benefit the community, and finding ways to bring North Macon back to team.

    • Zach Keaton

      Downton is like new york thats nice, huh?

  • Mike Ford

    Great place to be

  • Basically, If the State of Georgia needed an enema, they would insert it into Macon.

  • Farley Andersen

    I love Macon! I have gret college memories here, and I look forward to the future!

    • dany and davy together again

      Plz learn how to spell

  • Neighbors are the best in Macon, like family! And I am so inspired by the young professionals and families in Macon working to make their lives and our community better!

  • I love Macon. I drive from Marietta to Macon at least twice a month, to visit Mama Louise, The Allman Brothers Museum at the Big House
    and to be with the wonderful people of Macon.

    • burny@yopmail.com

      Great 🙂

  • Christine Simmons

    I love Macon and am proud to say it will always be “home”.

  • Macon has been my home since 1979. Love the charm of the city.

    • Pokal

      rlly how come ur george washington xd

      • Romear

        I’m Not Here For Grim Reaper 🙂

        • cupcake203

          I don’t wanna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gustavo “Tito” Torres

    Came to Macon four years ago on a visit and made it my home. Great opportunity city for the motivated individual. Macon has the potential to become a great place to live, work, and play.

  • Gloria P.

    I love Macon because it’s always something to do. I’m not from Macon however, I’ve always felt welcome.

  • Jim Walsh

    I’m a Yankee transplant who moved here for the “short haul.” But I’ve stayed here for ten years now – and love Macon! So many good people and historic buildings!

    • Miley Ash Sheddings

      Ewwwwww!!!! Do you really do that?

  • I am committed to the growth and vitality of our city! It is a great place to live!

    • YankeMr30

      A what..?

  • Phil Banze

    I love Macon because of the amazing people who continue to fight to keep her shining!

  • Trish Dunaway

    I love Macon: the lovely historical homes, music heritage, stories of heroes and community builders buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. I love Mercer University, where I got my advanced degree, where I can listen to glorious music at Fickling Hall, concerts by the Robert McDuffie Center for Strings, be inspired by lessons and carols sung by the Mercer Choir each Christmas, yell for the Bears at basketball games and attend a banquet at the Beloved Community Symposium. I can even pat the head of Jesse Mercer on my way to see an art exhibit or sign up for an art class. Having been an educator for 33 years in this city, I can be proud of the dedication of teachers in our community who sacrifice their time and energy to offer our students a fine education peppered with love and respect. I love the hills and the river, the color of fall and the smell of magnolias on the Wesleyan campus and the sweetness of the yellow jasmine in my yard. I love the cherry trees and talking with visitors from all over the world during the Cherry Blossom Festival each spring. I love my friends who enjoy a good meal in our restaurants and my church which reaches out to our community in many ways. I love the old Macon accent and the traditions of Southern life which feed my soul.

  • Robert White

    I use to live in Macon and went to Willingham High.Macon is a beautiful city and has the best Hot Dogs around, as far I am concern the Nu Way Wiener.


      I went to Willingham High!!!

  • Edna Bateman

    My family has deep roots here and has always tried to make this community a better place to live. Ed Grisamore describes it best. And LBC is what I love most.

  • Bob Easter

    Great place to live!

  • Tammy

    I love Macon…the downtown area is very quaint. Love the great old houses. There is so much to do.

  • Vicki Horne Hammond

    I love Macon because it has everything you want to do and you can get wherever you want to go in 15 minutes. So much better than living in Atlanta. I miss it lots. NuWay is the bomb!

  • Nando brooks


  • Nando brooks

    When I was younger I’ve saw that everyone have a special place. Bullshit ! I thought about that .
    How I was wrong … I got that I have my special place , too
    Macon . GA
    I’m going to buy a house there until the end of the year and probably I’ll live there for the rest of my life .
    I love my country , too. However I felt there how if I had saw my first love for the first time .
    This is the right word .
    I know where I will write my books and to feel my life step by step . There , listening to birds and watching squirrels playing among the trees.
    I can’t waiting this moment .

  • I love my hometown, Macon, Ga. Especially when its Cherry Blossom season!

  • Taylor R. Moulton

    Though, I live elsewhere on my own now, Macon will always be my home, as well as the home of my ancestors. My roots in her go back to the 1840s, and I am proud of that.

  • Guest

    We don’t live in Macon but Ward and I love your town. Our wonderful doctors are there, we do all our out of town shopping there, we eat in your restaurants, love New Town Macon and all it does for your beautiful city, and always enjoy just riding by the beautiful homes on College Street and around Mercer. We think Robert Reichert is a great Mayor of a truly talented Southern town. It just doesn’t get much better than Macon, Georgia.

  • Linda

    Born and raised in Macon…..it was absolutely the BEST place to grow up. There was so much to do and the folks have always been friendly.

  • Charlene Churchwell

    I love Macon! I love the seasons, the architecture, the history. I love Theatre Macon, the Cherry Blossom festival, the MAGA film festival. I love the friendly people. I love Macon!

  • Jim Bragg

    Beautiful buildings and great music.

  • Cathy Bufford Brantley

    I have lived in Macon for 13 years…I LOVE MACON…and I love living and working in Ingleside….best friends here I’ve ever had….not too big & not too small….Ingleside Village ROCKS!!!!

  • I love Macon for bringing different types of communities together and making them one. And, of course, all the great local restaurants.

  • Cathy Conklin

    I moved to Macon from a very dismal Flint Michigan. I have fallen in love with the people, the architecture, the plants that are different from the ones in Michigan–imagine my surprise my first winter here when I saw pansies growing everywhere and in the winter yet. I love the winters, spring and fall. I love the summer also, as long as my air conditioners keep working. The gentleness of the people is amazing. And little by little I am soaking up the history like a sponge. Nu-way hot dogs rock, although I was surprised that they were red. There are so many places that my camera and I still have to explore. I feel very safe here in Macon. I’ve gone to Center City by myself and felt totally comfortable. I just had to get pics of old ‘509’. I have also so found very old and abandoned buildings that I love to take pictures of and I’m sure I’ll find many more. Macon is a great place to live and work in and I am so glad and proud to call it MY Home.Thank you all for welcoming this northern girl with open arms. I am forever grateful.

  • The wonderful members of Macon’s community are what make this place truly special.

  • Charles E. Richardson

    Is there any more beautiful sight coming down Georgia Avenue in the Spring with the azaleas, dogwoods and cherry trees in full bloom? Is there a city our size anywhere that can boast of three churches within the same basic block that have passed the century mark?

  • Lisa Williams Garrett

    I think that I have signed this pledge before, but if not, I must do it again! I love being a Maconite and I am proud of all of the efforts to bring our wonderful city out of the shade and into the spotlight!

  • Erin Collins

    I got married on top of Coleman Hill overlooking the great city of Macon. I may not live there now but, I will always love the town I grew up in and the town that loves me- not to mention,nowhere will you eat a better red weiner or the most delicious slice of pizza .

  • Kay Wangen

    I love my Macon family and all the familiar stuff.

  • It has been awesome to see how much Macon has grown in such a short amount of time. People now are starting to talk about staying here after college rather than running as far and fast as they can away. I look forward to what the future brings for Macon!

  • Donna Walters

    So much has already been said by other people who also LOVE Macon. Macon is where I have spent MOST of my life. It is friendly, historic, southern, art, churchs and so much more. It is my home! It is where I have made a good living over the past 27 plus years selling homes to people moving here from all over the United States. If only our sidewalks could talk–wouldn’t it be wonderful!!

  • I Love Macon!

    • peteros

      I love macon!

  • Jan Kunzelmann

    Macon has so much to offer! I wasn’t born here, but I’ve lived most of my life here…Macon has the small town feel, but close enough to the big city to be there whenever you want. We have a great river, Indian Mounds, a swamp, a mount(ain), hills, plains, our own airport, a flea market, a beautiful historic downtown….and historic district…3 important and well respected colleges…and a diversity of people!

  • Diana Jones Williams

    There are so many things about Macon that I love that it would take forever to name them all!

  • Macon is a great place to live! You will not find a more beautiful place when our Cherry Blossom trees are bursting with color. We have all kinds of outdoor activities & family friendly fun.

  • Darlene Brown

    I love macon. Tattoo that!

  • Leo

    I lived in Macon for 14 years and I will always keep it in my heart

  • Amy Lemon

    I was born and raised in Macon. I love the rich history and the small town feel. We have our troubles, but I’ll never give up believing that my hometown’s best days are yet to come!

  • I love laying down on a blanket with friends and my son to watch movies in the park, walking and running the pig trail and just being a few minutes from the Hitchiti trail for a good hike and a little rock crawling, helping with Troop 170’s campouts and having Camp Ben Hawkins so nearby to camp at, hunting down those Macon geocaches and going to the wonderful and peaceful St. Francis Episcopal Church.

  • Angela Freeman

    I love Macon. Macon has so much potential. We all have to remember…if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result. That’s inspiration to be the change and be involved.

  • Linda A. Bivins

    I love Macon because it is where I was born. We have clean water, easy access to the ATL, and it is a wonderful place to raise a family. Macon offers opportunities for families to enjoy a small town atmosphere with a plethora of churches, colleges, restaurants, and activities. If we don’t have it here, you are close enough to where you can get what you need.

  • Anita Sandefur

    I have lived in Macon since 1971 so it is my home, and I love the old buildings and beautiful churches.

  • Bill Murphy

    As an Atlanta ex-patriate, I love the sense of community and endless possibilities in Macon!

  • Samer Othman

    I have always loved Macon, and after living away for the past 7 years while finishing up school, I will be returning to settle down there for good.

  • Vicki Mills

    Who couldn’t love Macon? I love Macon because there is no more beautiful sight than driving by Fickling Farms in mid to late March – April and seeing the sight! Unless it’s driving down Georgia Ave. toward downtown in the spring or seeing the changes and development in College Hill – there are so many reasons I love Macon! It’s home – always will be and there’s no place like home. My family and friends are here and to me, it’s heaven on earth!

  • When I decided to move back to my home state of Georgia, I debated on whether to move to the town that I grew up in, or Atlanta. After much thought, I decided that Macon needed to be the place that I made my home, being that it was centrally located to Atlanta, my home town, and my birth town (where most of my family live). I haven’t regretted that decision since. Little did I know, when I moved here, how much I would fall in love with Macon. It’s ike a “big, little town”. Large enough to be a city, but small enough to have that down home feeling. I love downtown (SoChi District), its amazing musical history, the huge supports for the arts that this community has, and the fact that there are so many things to do in this town, and so many reasons to love this city. It really is “Hotter Here”!

  • Good and getting great

  • I was born and raised here and I have always loved my City, Macon! I take pride in Macon’s rich history!
    I love downtown in particular! I love all the buildings that have been here for over 100 years and I have always
    had high hopes of seeing our city grow and flourish! I love that we have great events and places here like: the
    Cherry Blossom Festival, to the Ocmulgee National Monument and Indian Festival, the Mulberry Street Festival,
    Bragg Jam, to places like the Canon Ball House, Grand Opera House, The Hay House, The Allman Brothers Band
    Museum, Georgia’s Children Museum, The Museum of Arts and Sciences, and The Tubman African American
    Museum! Also City Hall, Macon City Auditorium,the Macon Coliseum, Cox Capitol Theater, and the Douglass Theater!
    I also love our rich heritage as a College town! Wesleyan College and Mercer University are the two oldest ones
    with beautiful Buildings and Campuses as well as being some of the first of their kind here in the United States!
    We also have Macon State College which is booming and CGTC, and others! Our town is the perfect place to enjoy
    night life as well from the many bars and restaurants that have thrived here for years! There are so many reasons
    to love Macon! And I love Macon!

  • Dianne Fuller

    Dianne Fuller


    Love Macon? YES!!!!!!!

  • The people here are awesome…not all of them…but enough to say I have some great friends that make Macon a great place to live!

  • Kim Fella

    I love Macon!

  • aweiche

    I love my church in South Macon and love where we live… close enough to the city yet feel like I am living in the country!

  • Stacey S.

    I love Macon because of the people downtown. It’s not a city, it’s a village. I can walk downtown to hang out with my 2nd family. My daughter goes to a great school on college st, and I work at an amazing job at Mercer. Everyone knows everyone and goes out of their way if you need anything. It’s a beautiful place and I know it can be even better. I’m proud to live in Macon.

  • sonya gay

    I love Macon, too!

    • noppy304

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  • I love Macon…it’s beauty, it’s history, it’s downtown, it’s wonderful dog park and most of all, it’s people. Macon also has AC Pup (who sent me here), a loveable mascot who campaigns for the welfare of all animals and brings lost pets and their owners together again on his Facebook page.

  • Steve Murphy

    Macon is home….and home is where the heart is….

  • Krista McDaniel Dillard

    I was born and raised in Macon. It is my home. Even after moving away three times for school/work, Macon is where we choose to live, worship and raise our family. I love Macon.

  • July of this year will mark my 30th anniversary of moving to Macon from Atlanta. I considered it temporary at the time, but soon after moving here I found it reminded me of the Atlanta that I grew up in instead of the snarl of traffic that it had become. Needless to say, it has not been temporary and now I feel as though it is my home town. One of the main things I love here are the animal rescue organizations.

  • I love Macon for it’s Ocmulgee Heritage Trail, Music, Charm, people, great locat Restaurants, Grand Opera House, Wesleyan Collge, and many local stores.

  • Wanda Flanders

    Macon is the heart of Georgia. Residents and surrounding counties enjoy Macon’s amazing restaurants, shopping, museums, symphony, theaters, entertainment, history, awesome architecture, beautiful landscapes, supreme professional businesses and services, recreation, two large hospitals, and superior higher education opportunites at Mercer University, Wesleyan College, Middle Geogia State College, Middle Georgia Technical College, and more. I encourage everyone to speak out boldly about what Macon is doing right.

    • Unknown

      Whats tbi

  • Kristin Hanlon

    I have chosen to make Macon my home and to invest in and be a part of this community.

  • I came to Macon because my dad got transferred here 20 years ago to work at the paper mill. I was about to turn five. I met my lifetime best friend here, went to school here, loved here, and lost here. Macon is very much my home. Even though I’m at Georgia Southern now, I will always come home to Macon, because I do love this city.

  • s b

    Maconis home- simple as that! Went to school and grew up here with wonderful memories, got married and raised my 2 sons here- both got married in Macon adn our 1st grandchild is due in a month and he will be born in Macon.

  • I love Macon because of my family history here. One of my favorite residential streets in the historic Vineville area, Hines Terrace, was named after my great, great grandmother, Julia Hines. I also deeply appreciate the city’s musical history.

  • Love Macon. Just because I do.

  • C B

    A C Pup ROCKS- he makes you proud to live in Macon with all he and Central Ga CARES does for Animal Rights!

  • Shareka Smith

    I LOVE MACON! Enough said!

  • Patti Deeb Jones

    AC Pup sent me here to tell you I love my fabulous hometown! Marvelous Macon is THE place to be.

  • Linda Faye Lester

    I’ve lived here almost all my life; Macon is my home. I’ve seen Macon go through intense growing pains, segregation, Ronnie Thompson and his tank; I’ve seen MUSIC blossom throughout the years in my hometown. I’ve seen miracles, growth and magic right here, in the heart of the Heart of Georgia! I love Macon.

  • Sandy Shelton

    I love the local music scene and downtown Macon! And last but not least; I love AC Pup and all the animal rescue groups who work so hard to save the unloved critters here. Bless you!

  • Bert Maxwell IV

    I love Macon because of it’s wonderful architecture, musical heritage, and the great people.

  • Libbie Walthall

    Ac Pup sent me. I love Macon for all he does for the homeless, abused, and neglected animals in our area.

  • I love my City! Born and raised!

  • Anne

    AC pup sent me to this pledge! He is just one example of the good and positive things happening in Macon! Great job! Move on forward with the good stuff and leave the negative stuff behind! Macon – your rock!!

  • David Barrett

    No traffic and everything you need is within a 10 minute drive. Great Churches – Historical Downtown Area & Homes – Fine Eating Establishments – Active Community Involvement – Best Private Schools

  • Justin J. Sandefur

    The architecture in Macon is some of the best in the south. The music is timeless. The food is delicious. The people are colorful. Macon is my home!

  • Jo

    I love Macon, with its olde world buildings, exquisite flora, and beautiful birds. I was naturally hesitant, having spent the majority of my life in Michigan, about living in Georgia. I now feel nothing could pull me away from here. I am happy and content.

  • T.

    Macon has natural beauty, a rich musical heritage and a very convenient location, so I believe it will always be a major destination in Georgia. Cherry Blossom time is my favorite time of year and the trees on Third St. are one of the most beautiful scenes in the state at that time. Places like the River Walk, Indian Mounds, Capital Theatre and all the shopping options, paired with the convenience of being in the middle of Georgia and near all the major interstates, make it possible to enjoy whatever you like without travelling very far from home.

  • I love Macon because I earned my bachelors and masters degrees here and met my husband here!

  • Paul

    AC Pup sent me! We love Macon ..

  • Kay Beliveau

    AC Pup sent me! What do I love about Macon? The dog park, the cherry trees, the parks, historic homes. What’s not to love?

  • I feel privileged to have been raised in a city with so much rich history, culture and tradition. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. I am willing to fight to make it better everyday.

  • 3 years here & counting

  • Dustin Vanderheyden

    I love Macon, and all the great stuff there is to do in this city.

  • Kippy Tift

    I love Macon because of Nu-Way, the Indian Mounds, Natalia’s, the artists, the musicians, the bbq, the Hay House, the trees, the flowers (camellias!), the muddy Ocmulgee, Rose Hill, Shirley Hills, Coleman Hill- all the hills!- Ingleside, the houses, the history, my friends, my family, my roots, my childhood. The creative, refined, and fun good folks like Carey Pickard, Sarah Gerwig, Jim Crisp, and Stephen Reichert (and many more) gently easing Macon into a more enlightened and modern place without losing its Southern quirks and perks.

  • Wendy Boston

    I came here for law school in 1997 and never left. There is no more beautiful springtime city anywhere!

  • Joe Wilson

    Absolutely I love Macon! My home.

  • Doris Wood-Alexander

    I love Macon and all it offers.

  • Lyn Harris

    I do love Macon. I attended Mercer University 1979-83, taught at Stratford Academy 1983-87, commuted as a grad student to Georgia College 1987-89 — all while living and thriving in Macon.

  • Julie Stafford

    I was born here…left for 27 years and returned to a better Macon 7 years ago.

  • Debbie Krysak

    What a diverse and amazing place Macon, Georgia is! There is something for everyone here, young and seasoned alike. I Love Macon!

  • macman

    Macon…..at least it’s not Albany.

    • Hellum Peterson

      No california

  • Mike Mulins

    I love Macon because my daughter and her family are there

  • Ann Bennett

    I was born in Macon and originally it was “The Shopping”. I remember the old downtown where you could shop for clothes. eat lunch, stop at Woolworth’s. It was an adventure. I remember the brick streets. A few of them remain. Now, It’s the homes. If I were a millionaire and the time, I would buy one and fix it up. Today, I love the arts in Macon. It’s still a thrill to come to downtown.

  • We moved from NJ to GA about 2 1/2 years ago. I was worried that we would never be able to match the culture and experiences we could get in NYC, but I was pleasantly surprised. While we are actually Monroe County residents, we LOVE Macon! We found our church home there and enjoy taking our children (ages 2, 6 and 16) to experience all that Macon has to offer.

  • Caroline Nickel

    We’re relatively new to Macon, and we’ve been delightfully surprised to discover so much to see and do here. It’s a wonderful town, and we’re happy to call it home.

  • brenda

    I love Macon because of it’s rich history. Walking in the Macon mall bring back all the memories of growing up in Macon.

  • Randi doveton

    Macon has beautiful architecture, a rich music history, wonderful universities, and a true southern charm and hospitality.

  • I love Macon because it’s the place where my husband and I have started a family!

  • Jeannie Rogers

    I want another cookbook!

  • No town in Georgia offers more or better in the area of fine arts than Macon. The local high school bands, the community theaters, even the church choirs combine to allow Macon’s youth to grow and shine. I love Macon!

  • I’ve always liked Macon. It’s friendly, easy to get around, and has the feel of a small town while having advantages of a city. I especially like that it has played such a huge role in music scene. The variety of musical heritage is unparalleled in a city of its size.

  • MCorbitt

    I love Macon for many reasons, but most of all for the wonderful people. I have made so many wonderful friends, I have lived here 41 years so it is home.

  • Cindy

    I was born in Macon and I love going back to visit friends who live there. I feel the stress of Atlanta leaving my body the closer I get & once in Macon, I have a sense of serenity & home.

  • Doris Wood-Alexander

    I love Macon and all it has to offer.

  • Gentry Cannon Trice

    Macon has a rich history and beautiful buildings/architecture. It is a great place to visit and work! I support any group/organization/individual that works to return Macon to its glorious past!

  • Emilyodey

    I was born and raised in Macon. The history, the cherry blosson festival, the Grand opera house and so much more have given me such awesome childhood memories that will last a lifetime!

  • I was fortunate enough to visit Macon for the first time last year for the Crossroads Writers Conference (www.crossroadswriters.org). I simply fell in love with the city and its people! From the culture to the cuisine, Macon quickly became one of my favorite places. I can’t wait to visit again!

  • I love Macon because of its location, history, architecture, people, and its desire to improve and become better than it is. I am so thankful for those in this community who strive to make this a better place and never let the negative nellies slow them down. There is much to be thankful for and appreciate in Macon and I know, as the years go by, it’s going to get even better.

  • Cody Dunwody

    Macon will always be home. Atlanta is where I live, play and work, but Macon is where the heart is. Can’t wait to see what sort of gentrification the tremendously talented populace comes up with in the next decade.

  • Lisa Seneker

    5 generations of Maconites (Could be more)- it’s just in my history!

  • Mary Pinson

    I LOVE Macon, my new hometown!!!

  • KBG

    I love Macon because it has become my home!

  • I love Macon because it is my home. This is where I go to school, went to church, where I work, found best friends, found my future husband, and where I had my child. This is my town that I love because it is historically significant and can give me more ideas for my creative mind. This is the place where I go to watch my fiance play softball and Central City Park every summer, enjoy pink pancakes, watch some interesting movies at the Macon Film Festival and go to art exhibits. This is the tradition that I want to carry on. This is what I know and what I love about Macon. I know this city has so much potential and I want to be a part of the growth!

  • I love Macon because it is my home. This is where I go to school, went to church, where I work, found best friends, found my future
    husband, and where I had my child. This is my town that I love because it is historically significant and can give me more ideas for my creative mind. This is the place where I go to watch my fiancé play softball and Central City Park every summer, enjoy pink pancakes, watch some interesting movies at the Macon Film Festival and go to art exhibits. This is the tradition that I want to carry on. This is what I know and what I love about Macon. I know this city has so much potential and I want to be a part of the growth!

  • Ivey Hall

    I love Macon for the home is has become. We moved here and knew no one…now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I am proud to say that I love Macon!

  • Ed Davis

    I love macon because of the great people that live within. People that care about the community, state, nation and the world and chose to make a difference.

  • robby

    Born and raised in Macon. This is my home. I love Macon

  • Ruth Birch Sykes

    I love Macon. No “because.” I just do. It is in me and I am in it – wholeheartedly.

  • Rusty Edwards

    I love Macon, more and more each day. It is my peace. Macon is my Mecca.

  • Andy

    I love Macon. It is a great city with great people.

  • o.k. i’m signing the plede.ive lived here since 1976 and i’ve no plans to leave. we entered a short in the film festival. it was rejected, but a friends was chosen. been going the last few years. there’s much talent right here, iplan to go regardless.

  • I grew up in Macon, and now I can’t wait to start my career here. After leaving for college and traveling outside of the country, I am still proud to call Macon my home. The people make this town, and I am proud to be one of them!

  • Left Macon at the wise age of 18……came back and brought my husband and children 16 years later…..I CHOOSE to live and work here!

    • AmericanPeople

      You’re so cruel. Come back!

  • Charlie McCullough

    been here a long time – what a lovely town!
    Charlie McCullough

  • A Native Maconite

    I think Macon is one of the prettiest cities in the southeast! In the spring, it’s like she’s put on her new Easter dress for all the world to see.

  • Tom Woodbery

    Macon is a great town with people who care enough to make a difference.

  • Nicole Bowen

    I love Macon, because i grew up here and its my home. I love the traditions, like the Cherry Blossom festival and how gorgeous the trees look when they bloom!!

  • EdG

    I love the old southern charm of Macon, the historic sights, music venues, and varied restaurants. I think that Macon has some hidden charms that should be more widely recognized.

  • The Macon Film Festival is a reason to Really Love Macon! The film festival is February 14 – 17.

    for more info: https://www.facebook.com/MaconFilmFestival or http://www.MaconFilmFestival.com

  • Macon is home to two of my favorites: the Macon Writers Group and the Crossroads Writers Conference. Double woot! Yes, I love Macon.

  • Chris Qualls

    One reason that I love Macon is because of the memories I have of Macon. One of those memories that stands out is when I was stationed at Robins AFB and befriended a young woman who was recently stationed here and was from Michigan. She was homesick for the city life, and i was her guide to the places on the brick streets and back alleys of Macon. These drives in and around downtown Macon soothed her homesickness, and allowed her to get on with her life and career. While many people like her came and went in the lifeline of Macon, those of us who stayed know what a difference Macon has made in the lives of those touched by this city, It’s made a positive difference with me. 🙂

  • Love Macon. Married the best native born Maconite in the world!!!

    • Becky Hart

      Why do people raise Muslims these days?!?!

  • I love Macon. I came to school at Mercer in 1998 and now am raising my family here. We have a wonderful community of friends here and look forward to watching Macon become even better as we all work hard together.

  • Sheri Mann Stewart

    I love Macon because it’s the home of the Macon FIlm Festival and it’s provided great locations for the 3 films I’ve been part of which have shot here!

  • Pam Thomasson

    I love Macon because the people here are friendly, community minded, fun, generous, and interesting.
    The members of our community volunteer and donate their resources in multiple places: nonprofits, churches, shelters, schools, hospitals, and clubs. They do that in addition to spending time and resources looking after their neighbors and families. Our citizens and neighbors quietly and humbly reach out to create a web of support for one anther in a way that is richer than in other places I have lived.
    The people, the architecture and the natural beauty of the land make this spot in middle Georgia special. It is easy to find intriguing links with our individual histories and traces of our united history here in Macon. This gives us insight about how we can be better people in the future and inspires the spirit.
    It is wonderful to live in such a walkable community. We have great colleges, sports teams, museums, independent retailers, outdoor recreation, restuarants, theaters and galleries and plenty of good people with whom to share good times. Plus, we enjoy a heritage of great music which creates the soundtrack that makes it all fun.
    Magical places are abundant here. We have the Ocmulgee National Monument, the view of downtown from Coleman Hill, the river ecosystem which supports deer, turtles, fish, beavers, egrets, hawks and frogs – so accessible along the Riverwalk.
    As in any place, it can be easy to focus on our differences or feel anger about our faults, and it can hard to forgive greivances and mend old errors, but it is not impossible to better our community. Indeed, the reason our future is bright is because Macon is richly endowed with good people, abundant natural resources, a beautiful setting, and great opportunites to improve our community.
    No place is perfect, but every place can be better. I am proud to see the people around me making Macon a better place to live – every single day. So I celebrate what we have, thank the people who are making life better, and am grateful to live in Macon Georgia.

  • Lisa Horne

    I love Macon for the musical and historical heritage, for the friendly people, and for our annual Cherry Blossom Festival! I look forward to it every year!

  • Mat Weber

    Being a Yankee by birth Macon to me is exactly what I grew up seeing in pictures what a beautiful Southern town looked like, I truly enjoy the times I get to spend downtown walking , I literally can’t walk 1/2 block without a kinda “Hello” or friendly nod of the head , as a life long Northeaster ……I must say I truly love Macon & have no need to ever move North of the Mason Dixon Line again MACON RAWKS

  • Kristin Wright

    I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful folks of the Gateway Macon Initiative and had the opportunity to make my very first movie all on location in Macon. Their generous support and kindness brings me back to Macon every year to watch movies at the film festival, visit friends, and enjoy the city.

  • Tarver Petersen

    I’ve lived here my whole life. I’ve met a lot of great people, heard plenty of wonderful stories, and laughed till I fell over. I love Macon.

  • Kelly

    I love Macon because the people I love are in Macon!

  • Kristin Hoots

    I love Macon for it’s history, restaurants, shopping, festivals and the people I have made incredible friendships with.

  • Tammy

    We moved to Georgia in 2001. I have to say, I’m absolutely IMPRESSED with the changes we have seen in Macon! So many people, businesses, and groups/associations coming together to promote what is good about the city! Others can learn a lot from what is happening in Macon!! Keep it up!

  • I love Macon because I can show my kids our family’s history throughout Macon both north and south and every part in between.

  • Ashley M.

    I was born and raised in macon, it has changed so much over the years but I will never forget where I come from. Even though I would love to experince living somewhere else for a while, home will always be Macon,GA

  • Ann Lear

    I love Macon, and chose to live here.

  • Bethany Slocum

    Love Macon for its history, its people, its hope!!

  • Joyce Holmes

    I moved to Macon in 1989 and haven’t looked back since. The southern hospitality and pleasant disposition of the people here really impressed me.

  • Logan Weaver

    I love macon because of the people!!!!

  • Mercia Weyand

    I grew up in New York City and I live in Atlanta but, I love Macon!!!

  • As three journalism students attending Mercer University, we’ve only been here in Macon for a few years. But, in that short amount of time, we’ve seen some incredible growth and positive developments happen all over Macon. We can’t wait to see more! We love Macon!

  • Katie Beth Israel

    There’s NOTHING that I love more than Macon. It’s home <3

  • Rita Youngblood

    I grew up in Warner Robins but had an aunt, uncle and cousin who lived in Macon who I loved very much. Also, always loved the Cherry Trees!

  • They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, I absolutely love and miss my hometown. I love Macon because there is so much history and culture there

  • Nikki Rozier

    Macon, there is no place like it!

  • Profgoff

    Moved back to Georgia 20 years ago, and have lived most of that time here in Macon. I now live in the Intown Historic District and can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. A great place to live!

  • katolaymo

    Just bought a house in Macon and excited for our new adventure in such a vibrant city. Can’t wait to learn more about my new hometown!

  • AmyPie12


  • Jessie Cox

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    • SandraWatson434

      Stop being a snob. Respect people and treat others nicely. Thank you.

      -Sandra Watson (One of the moderators here)

  • mayers barrow

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  • *Top Moderator*

    Thanks for commenting for good!

  • Peter Jones

    Macon should be everyone’s fav. We should talk about it more to increase population. Here’s why Macon is the best subject to talk about. Talk about Middle Georgia at http://georgiaforums.freeforums.net/thread/3/macon-georgia
    Talk about God, how he made Macon. We love it and we’ll always do.

  • mcgeeasy

    I Love macon because it is my home. I work here, I learn here, I eat and sleep here. Why not make it the best little city in the world? I am so proud of the development downtown and excited about our future!

  • Maura Tapley

    The people are friendly in Macon and proud to be a part of the South….I think Macon offers both youth and seasoned residents that are wanting to work, play, pray, shop, learn and be home. I think Mercer University will continue to bring a positive influence to town and we all need to celebrate the University’s football team…..First year 🙂

  • Guest

    I’m a Macon transplant. Went to half my elementary, middle and high school days here. I’ve traveled extensively across the states and around the world. Macon is the only place that feels like home. No other place I’d rather be. It just…fits.

  • NoVictims

    I’m a Macon transplant. Went to half my elementary, middle and high school days here. I’ve traveled extensively across the states and around the world. Macon is the only place that feels like home. No other place I’d rather be. It just…fits. – Michael “Hot Mike” Buckholtz

  • MikeB

    Love it! It’s home!!

  • Anonymous

    My family has own and operated one of the oldest restaurants in Macon. Macon has been good to Finchers and we love Our town. Remember to eat local, buy local and support our home grown businesses. As always stay classy Macon.

  • Carol Sharp Schwaber

    I moved to Macon 47 years ago. It was quite different then of course. There was a vibrant downtown, great theatre, rich musical heritage, and thriving religious life. McKibben Lane was a brand new school with air conditioning!! My family went swimming at the Moose Club lake and sometimes the Elks club. Many changes have come in the almost 5 decades. We still have a lot of shopping in several large centers away from downtown;but the many locally owned businesses have been replaced by a lot of National Chains. Theatre is even more abundant now and the Musical life is still abundant with the Bragg Jam and Cherry Blossom Festival activities. Religious life is still thriving with even more houses of worship than before, We still enjoy such beautiful architecture and green spaces. Actually the city has more green spaces than before and definitely more cherry trees. We have such beautiful city to be proud of. But, most of all we have great people here who are friendly and talented. There is such potential here and I can not wait to see what a few more years will bring. I love Macon and have great hope for her future!!

  • The Sight Of Sound

    Is this site/ organization still operating

  • Rachel W., RN

    I work in Macon and have for the past 2 years. My commute to MCCG is never long. I spent the last year living in Macon. I loved how the city is shopping friendly: a wide range of stores and divided up in different shopping areas and none seem extremely packed with traffic. I love Macon!

  • Robert Purser

    I love Macon because of the rich history and culture that embodies all of its inhabitants.

  • Robbie C.

    I cannot believe it took me until the age of 48 to discover your city. I’m from over in Columbus and have lived the past 20 years in Atlanta. Last weekend, I dove head first into downtown Macon and fell totally in love! The architecture is amazing and the hills surrounding the city are so very beautiful. I found Duane’s grave, ate a delicious hot dog, and climbed to the top of the Great Temple mound at Ocmulgee National Monument. I left there completely enchanted. There’s still so many things I didn’t have time to experience and I look forward to discovering much more of Macon!